90 % of Swedish companies organise internal trainings to educate their staff

90 % of the Swedish companies organise internal trainings to educate their staff according to the Swedish Statistical Bureau (2018). Furthermore, they concluded that it is more common in bigger corporations than in smaller corporations.

In general an employee spent 11 hours per year in trainings and in total, those trainings stood for 1,6 % of the total staff costs.

The most common subject of the trainings were to further enhance the technical and practical knowledge related to the specific work related task. 75 % of those that were involved in the training found it very useful.

Difference depending on the line of work

Not only is there a difference between a big corporation versus a smaller one. There is also a huge difference depending on the line of work that is conducted. For example, within the industry of extraction of minerals and electric power supply the amount of hours that are spent on training are higher than for example within the hospitality industry. This is due to the more rigorous health and safety precautions for example.

What can we make of this?

So the question is, what can we make of this information? One important conclusion is that in order to maintain and increase the usefulness of the trainings it is essential to have good, interesting and informative training material. We have helped multiple companies to produce interactive training material for internal purposes. The more interesting it is, the more beneficial it will be for the employees and profitable for the company in the long run. Our refined skills in film, stills and 3D production can take your material to the next level!

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