A digital marketing breakthrough

A month ago we wrote about, what we believe will be a digital marketing breakthrough. This is not only the case for the automotive industry but for any other industry as well. As mentioned previously we used filmed material of the Little Big One car. The same car was then used as a base of our 3D-modelling. To visualise what we did we used our Little Big Studio.  What we intended to do was possible and became great. The final production will be shown to you very soon. Before we do, let us try to walk you through what we did.

Little Big One Car

Our Goal

Our goal and subsequently the end result was to make the car “come alive” in our virtual studio. If you have seen the movie “The Ring” where the girl climbs out of the tv, this is what we did to the car.

In the last scene of the video, which is shown on a screen, the car drives towards the camera lens. At the point where you think the car will hit the lens and destroy the camera it drives out from the screen and puts itself in front of the presenter. The car, which is now a 3D model is movable in the studio with a hand control, held and controlled by the moderator in the virtual studio.

We have made this possible because we want to show that this is a perfect way to demonstrate or showcase a product. In the same scene a power point presentation is shown to demonstrate parts of the car, perfect if you want to show something additional other than what you are demonstrating.

We end the show by showing you that all this is shown and presented in REAL TIME on Teams. That is what we call a digital marketing breakthrough.

What we just have done is comparable to holograms, but you cant control holograms can you?

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