Our client Lynk & Co are making it big in China

Our client Lynk & Co are making it big in China

Our client Lynk & Co are making it big in China. In Sweden you can currently put your hands on a Lynk & Co 01. We at Little Big One had the privilege to produce the European launch film of the 01. Have a look at it in our video section here. We also took it for a spin some time ago and it is indeed a great car. However, if you want the newest model of the trendy Swedish brand, China is now the place to be. The new Lynk & Co 09 SUV is hitting the Chinese market next month.

The Lynk & Co 09

Their new flagship car is a full-size seven-seat SUV. On the pictures below you can see it alongside BMW X5 and Audi Q7, which are both most likely their competition and used to benchmark the 09.

The design on the front of the car is a lot like the 01 but the grill with the distinctive vertical bars beneath the frog like headlights is not something we have seen on other Lynk & Co cars.

The car-enthusiast can see that the body is partly based on the majestic Volvo XC90 but the body panels look different.

Behind the hood there are two engine options, both taken from Volvo. You can either choose a 252 horsepower 2.0 turbo 48V or a 431 horsepowers 2.0 turbocharged and supercharged PHEV. The latter choice is 402 horsepowers in the Volvo XC90, meaning that Lynk & Co found an additional 29 horse powers somewhere.

For those of you who think “If the Volvo XC90 is a similar car why cant I buy that one instead?” you are missing a few points. The 09 has something that the Volvo doesn’t, for example a L3 autonomous driving system with automatic lane change, a low-speed traffic jam autopilot function and automatic parking.

Furthermore, the rear overhang is longer, meaning it is more spacious.

Last but not least take a look at the rear lights. They stretch far into the bender making it beautiful to look at. The 22 inch rims, the faux vents and the matte grey quad pipes also gives the car a sporty look.

Take a moment and rest your eyes on this new machine…

Lynk & Co 09

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