Valuable ”Know How” before a meeting with Little Big One

There are certain valuable “Know How” that are important to know before a meeting with a production agency like Little Big One. Most of our clients, to mention a few VolvoLynk & Co and SAAB have a lot of experience working with a production agency.

However, some new clients are not used to the specific workflow and how it all works. Transparency is a must to keep the clients in the loop, from the initial conversation to the delivery. In addition to this, great talent and ideas are factors that are instrumental to a successful project.

How should you approach the first meeting with us?

We have come up with a few tips to make any project as smooth and effective as possible.

Be open. Let us know what you want to accomplish and the story you want to tell and who you want to tell it to. What kind of film/video do you want to make? We will then be able to tell you what is possible to do and how it can be done. A descriptive brief is always appreciated!

Get to know us! In order for us to work together we have to know each other. Good communication, active listening and understanding are important ground stones throughout the process. We need to help each other to find the right information at the right time and to know the culture of your company. Likewise, you need to know how we work too. What is our creative process, the logistics and the timelines for delivery?

What are the obstacles? An open communication also means that we both are open for any potential obstacles along the way. Things happen, they always do, just make sure to mention them as early as possible in order for things to not get out of hand. The earlier we know the better we can adapt.

How will the material be used, on which platforms and for how long? Film-material could be anything from an informative 10 minute-piece to a teaser of 30 seconds of something big yet to come. The purpose is completely different and one of them is more suitable on Linkedin to promote a product and the other is better as an educational in-house film for example.

What is the Budget? Our ONE goal is to make the best production possible, whatever the budget is. Some think that “high quality” and “high cost” goes hand in hand. So is not always the case, we can do great things with a lower budget as well. We will always ensure a ROI for the client, and have a clear communication of what to expect based on the set budget.

Is the film an individual promotional tool or part of a bigger campaign? In this way we can use our knowledge and experience and align it with your vision.

The questions stated above are important to answer in order to get the most out of a production.

Last but not least, have faith and trust!


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